Yoursafe Debit Card.
Spend money directly from your Yoursafe account with your Yoursafe Visa®.

Use your card at home and abroad.

  • ✓ Buy products and services at no cost.
  • ✓ Wherever you are, there is no charge to pay in shops or online.
  • ✓ Flat ATM fee. No surprises!
  • ✓ Withdrawals in any currency.
  • ✓ You can take out cash in the local currency of wherever you are.

The modern, secure way to pay.

Manage your finances
You have direct access to your Yoursafe funds with your Yoursafe Debit Card.

Contactless payments
Make seamless purchases with contactless card payments.

Secure payments
The Yoursafe App assures each transaction is processed with your permission.

Yoursafe Debit Card.

The Yoursafe Debit Card is the card for Yoursafe YOU Accounts. As the card is connected to your Yoursafe YOU account your funds are immediately available to spend for goods and services, or to take out as cash with any ATM in the world with a Visa® logo.

One small annual cost.

The annual cost of the Yoursafe Debit Card is €29.50. You can apply for the card once you have this amount in your account. The application process is easy. If not available yet, we might need additional information concerning the proof of your address. For fees that relate to ATM withdrawals, PIN code changes and replacement cards, please consult the price chart.

Ready to get your card?

Get a free Yoursafe Account. Then log into My Yoursafe and apply for your card. The application is only possible if you have a minimum balance of €29.50. Yoursafe offers courier services if you want to expedite the delivery of your card.

Card issuing is subject to identification and residency - See terms and conditions. Cardholder must be at least 18 years of age.