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Payment accounts for global talent

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Yoursafe secures payments, money and identities of businesses and individuals worldwide independent of their trade, profession, race, ethnic or social origin, gender, religion or sexual orientation. Yoursafe's got talent.

Pay and get paid with Yoursafe!

Yoursafe offers a Basic Payment Account with IBAN issued from the Netherlands, for example NL16BITS9000000000. Your IBAN is trusted worldwide and can be used to send and receive payments globally. Available payment methods include SEPA, Wire, ACH and US Check.

Yoursafe Debit Card

With the Yoursafe Debit Card you can take out your cash or spend your money safe and secure on millions locations worldwide. The Yoursafe Debit Card is a true Visa debit card connected to your Yoursafe Account.

Banks may not like you or your business.

Banks are more and more hesitant to board accounts of talent with new ideas, new businesses and new dreams. As a fintech scaleup Yoursafe understands the global need for financial inclusion for everyone. It would be a privilege to have you on board.

Yoursafe is your discreet financial companion.

You can use Yoursafe to receive payments from your customers, business partners or affiliates. And once you have your funds into your account, you can initiate outgoing payments by SEPA, Wire, ACH or US check.

Businesses can utilize Yoursafe's Mass Payment option, allowing them to initiate multiple outgoing payments at once.

Privacy and Safety

Not only your digital cash can be stored in a Yoursafe account. Also other digital assets, such as domain names, can be stored with Yoursafe while protecting your identity online. Yoursafe offers domains at cost price. We will protect your personal information from data breaches and prying eyes. With Yoursafe Domains you can be sure that your identity is protected.

YOU and Business Accounts

Use the internet on your terms. Open a YOU or Business account where you can be in total control of your incoming and outgoing payments. Money transfers between Yoursafe accounts are always free of charge.

Choose the Yoursafe account that works for you.

YOU Account

€ 0,00 / month

  • ✓ No account opening fee.

  • ✓ Free unique IBAN.

  • ✓ Yoursafe Debit Card available.

  • ✓ Nominated balance in local currency

  • ✓ Funds secured in Euro.

  • ✓ Free Yoursafe to Yoursafe payments.

  • ✓ Domain names at cost price.

Business Account

€ 0,00/ month

  • ✓ No account opening fee.

  • ✓ Free unique IBAN.

  • ✓ Available in Euros, US Dollars or British Pounds.

  • ✓ Free Yoursafe to Yoursafe payments.

  • ✓ Mass Payout option available.

  • ✓ Domain names at cost price.

Process and Pay

With Yoursafe you can process credit cards, receive daily settlements and pay your talent and affiliates. Start accepting credit cards for your website or online services. Yoursafe operates various solutions, even if your website is considered high-risk by VISA and Mastercard. Adult? No problem. Start accepting credit cards for your entertainment website with Verotel, CardBilling, GayCharge or Bill. When you sign up for one of Yoursafe's processing solutions, we will automatically open a Yoursafe account for you.

About Yoursafe

Banks always had a monopoly on storing your money. But accessing your money, either physically or online, is still a nightmare. If you want to use their services you have to go by their rules. Yoursafe understands that the world of finance is evolving. Instead of stashing your gold bars in an underground safe, Yoursafe protects your cash, domains and other digital assets in one discreet account without compromising your true identity to others.

And as we don't provide loans or use your funds for speculation, there are no restrictions or waiting times for withdrawals. Whether you want to open up an online payment account or register a domain name without having your identity exposed, Yoursafe offers an array of services that allows you to conduct your business in a safe and secure environment.